Commit cbc8d809 authored by Lionel VEST's avatar Lionel VEST
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dblink result is now an associative array aswell (by default)

parent d71719b0
......@@ -200,7 +200,11 @@ function datagrid_fetch($connection, $input, $query)
foreach ($input->body->fields as $key => $column)
if (@$column->dblink)
$fetched_result[$key] = array(@$input->dblink->{$column->dblink}[$fetched_result[$key]], $fetched_result[$key]);
if ($input->body->array_type=='numeric')
$fetched_result[$key] = array($fetched_result[$key],@$input->dblink->{$column->dblink}[$fetched_result[$key]]);
$fetched_result[$column->name] = array("id" => $fetched_result[$column->name], "value" => @$input->dblink->{$column->dblink}[$fetched_result[$column->name]], );
$results[] = $fetched_result;
if (@$results)
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